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An Appreciation of Lylette Pharr

by Otis Thornton Homelessness Program Director, City of Fort Worth

Lots of people talk about wanting to make a difference in the lives of the poor, hungry, and homeless. And for the last 15 years, while those others were talking, Lylette Pharr has been doing it—leading, serving, and giving voice to the most vulnerable members of our community in a myriad of important and creative ways.

Lylette has been a leader in some of our community’s most creative and effective responses to hunger, poverty, and homelessness:

  • Back to School Roundup
  • Emergency Assistance Association of Tarrant County (EATC)
  • Partnership for Stronger Communities
  • Tarrant Area Food Bank Community Kitchen
  • Directions Home

Recently, Lylette announced plans to, “‘dial it back’ a bit and move south to be closer to family.” She plans to relocate to the Round Rock area in mid-August. Lylette’s work has improved the lives of so many in our community: she will be missed.

As the Homelessness Coordinator for the City of Fort Worth, Lylette has helped to improve the delivery of client-centered, strengths-based, housing first programs. More broadly, Lylette has challenged us all to feel more deeply for the plight of our neighbors, think more critically about how our work supports their strengths, and work more pragmatically and efficiently in our efforts to better the world.

Thank you, “L-P!” for all that you have given to this community. We are encouraged by your vision and example.

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