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Be the key!

Are you a hiring superhero?

In fall 2013, the SteerFW Homelessness Task Force got together in an effort to educate industry partners, potential employers, and the community through informational material about breaking the cycle of homelessness through employment.  After working with Mowry Creative and Brian Pierce Marketing, we are pleased to share the final result.

The brochure takes a tough issue, hiring people with criminal backgrounds, and makes it more lighthearted by explaining that you can be a “Hiring Superhero” by giving people with criminal histories a fair chance when they apply for a job. ¬†Hiring Superheroes have the power to fight recidivism, keep welfare expenses down, help people provide for their families, and combat homelessness.

Click here to find out more and learn how you can become a Hiring Superhero.

I'm Homeless.
for Help.
City of Fort Worth