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Article: Health Coaching Technology Helps a Vulnerable Population

It is a well-known fact that homelessness accounts for substantial health care and social service costs.  The University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) is on a mission to change that by offering a technology-assisted health coaching program called “” to residents living in permanent supportive housing (PSH).

The program was designed to “address behaviors such as diet, exercise, substance abuse, medication adherence, social support and recreation/leisure.  The program has three features: in-person health coaching, specialized coaching software, and a system of ‘Chat Bucks’ that can be earned for the purchase of health and wellness supplies, such as workout gear, a scale, blood pressure monitor or even a discounted YMCA membership.  The program is unique in the way that persuasive technology and triggers are used to help motivate and encourage individuals toward more positive health behaviors.”  Learn more about UNTHSC’s program by clicking here.

The results so far have been encouraging.  Participants in the program are reporting healthier eating habits, weight loss, and better health.

For more information about, contact Whitney Hill, Project Coordinator, at 817-735-0486 or

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